Has it really been a year?!

Wow! Time does fly. I've not blogged on my personal blog for more than a year!!!. My excuse is of course, prosaic. I've been busy with work, some of which I hope to be able to talk about shortly. For today though, the topic is the revamp of this website.

The site is just a simple website written in PHP. No real real support for blogging. But the simplicity made it easy to understand and maintain. However publishing new posts, especially short ones or corrections, and increasingly even long ones is proving to be a pain, particularly because the posting process is essentially equivalent to a site push. Since I have a teeny bit of time for personal projects now, I'm hoping to revamp the site to do things a little better.

Why did I chose to hack the site myself rather than use ready-made blogging software? Simple: to learn. is where I experiment, and one of my first experiments on returning to having a web presence was to re-accquaint myself with some of the technology. I chose plain PHP for the simplicity with which I could get a site up and running.

The good thing about this current site is that it is very easy to write up a new post with complete control over look and feel.

But the site has problems. The biggest one: publishing a new article is a huge pain. It is easy enough to write up the article in HTML, but the publish method, a boroque combination of Makefiles, perl, awk sed and pushes is just ball of string I don't want to have to mess with to publish a new article.

The second problem. I'm using subversion for verison control, and that centralized server model breaks, because the svn repo for the website is on a private network. Can't use svn to deploy directly. I have to export the site content from subversion move it over to the live webserver and do some symlink magic to get the site to show new content.

The purpose of this rewrite then, is to make the publishing process trivial. My preferred way: do a git pull of the latest site from source control and viola!, a new post. Subsequent posts will document the changes.